Free Wildcrafted Tea Tasting and Rewilding Discussion

Free Wildcrafted Tea Tasting and Rewilding Discussion

36894278904_1abb814a32_z Join us for free Wild crafted tea tasting and Rewilding discussion. What is rewilding? How does it apply to my life? Can you do it from the city? We will discuss the Theory of rewilding and how we can encourage each other to evolve back toward nature. Our Natural life way has been neglected. We have strayed from the path that 7,000,000 years of evolution has laid out for us. We can get back on the right path, and we don’t have to give up our lives to do it. While we talk you will be offered the chance to sample several herbal teas that were harvested in the wilds of Minnesota. We will bring Stinging Nettle, White pine needle, Rose hip and more. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday February 15 6pm-8pm.

Location TBD

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  1. I can’t make it to south Minneapolis but I would like to know when an other one would be available to go to . I have had some medical issues and I’m hoping that I’m done with them as of right after Christmas and before that . I am ready to begin looking at your school and maybe taking a class or 2 if I can . I have talked with you before about some classes but I’m not sure I can start them until I have a time table that I will be working in the near future as I have been under doctors care . I hope I can work things out to come take some classes . thank you .

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