New Year, New Opportunities

snow manThe Gregorian calendar, much like our 24 hour clock are pretty arbitrary designations. In the grand scheme of what is actual real and natural they really don’t mean anything. Nature doesn’t know what November means and the sun is highest in the sky when it gets there, not when the clock says noon. You cannot say I am going to make maple syrup on March 25, and you can’t plan your wild ricing schedule a year in advance. These things are ready when weather patterns dictate that they are ready.

However, we live in a time and in a place that are highly dictated to by these ideological constructs. If we must live in a world where fake rules are imposed upon us, we might as well use them tour advantage. I have a 4-year-old daughter, I also have a wife, in-laws, a mother, a father, a brother, and a sister. All of us have different ideas about what is real and what is important. We hold family gatherings and various celebrations on various scheduled days throughout the year. ie. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years day, etc…On these days I hold tight to my own beliefs, while doing my best to hold a positive and heartfelt space for my relatives. I tell my daughter the truth about the origins of these celebrations. (or, as close to the truth as I am able given her age, and my actual knowledge.) I also do my best to explain a multi cultural approach to each given day. Christians believe this, Muslims believe this, and pagans believe this, etc. you get my point.

This particular holiday, the end of the Gregorian calendar. It really doesn’t mean anything that I can find. I would put the end of the year at the solstice, but that’s just me. So I hold no reverence to this day, and after many years of working in bars and restaurants, I have actually come to loathe the day a bit. However, Why not put a positive spin on it, I will try at every step to put a positive spin on things and to try to pull others up, instead of pushing or holding them down.

I look at New years day as an opportunity to put the past behind me and move forward with a clean slate. I have forgiven myself for each misstep, and each transgression. I will learn from my mistakes and move froward in a positive and hopeful light. I left Future Necessities in October after nearly 10 years in business. Now North Winds Wilderness School will become everything that I have ever hoped for. I will be a role model for the world, and I will help bring people back to nature, and back to human nature. We are not reverting to caves, and mud huts. We are moving forward. Forward form a place of hate and destruction, to a place of love and cooperation. Humans do not own the earth, we belong to it. We are part of nature, and we are part of the food chain. In order to overcome the din of mental illness, and exploitation that is holding us right now, we need to come together as communities. Work toward nature, and toward wildness. We are born to live, to love, to learn, and to play.

So, let’s do that……..

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