Discounted Gift Certificates for the Holidays

As a means of showing our appreciation for all of you. We would like to offer, for the second year, Discounted gift Certificates. These Gift Certificated will be valid for all of our workshops, classes, camps, etc.* We will be offering them only from November 1st until December 21st at midnight.We will offer a 100.00 gift certificate for 75.00, and a 50.00 gift certificate for 40.00. Please take this as our gift to you for your support, and community.

100.00 Gift Certificate

This is a 100.00 Gift certificate for use at any NWWS class, Camp, Workshop, Lecture, or Program.


50.00 Gift Certificate

This is a 50.00 Gift Certificate good for any Class, Workshop, Program, Lecture, or Camp Run By NWWS


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