A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

While walking in the woods today I experienced a myriad of emotions. Emotions such as joy and love, curiosity, surprise, sadness and awe.Mostly I felt Joy.

First of all Joy and Gratitude just because I’m still here to share all of this.The excitement of finding a fresh set of Fisher tracks in the snow or the thrill of a pair of Grouse taking flight a few feet away.The beautiful chirping song of the mighty Bald Eagle always brings a smile. Such a delicate song from such an intimidating Hunter…..
“As I stand here, arms outstretched, slowly turning, taking this all in a feeling of Gratitude comes over me…..

Thank you Trees for all you share, your majestic beauty as a backdrop to my world, the warmth your burning flesh releases, the nourishment your fruit provides and the life giving oxygen you exhale for all life…

Thank you Sun for all you share, your first warming rays fighting back the chill of night, your guidance for our day’s travels. Thank you for the daydreams you invoke…

Thank you to all the critters. They all instill an excitement in me, every chittering squirrel, inquisitive mouse, nervous grouse or the most beautiful Ghost of the North Woods…

Thank you Earth for All Things. You fill my heart to overflow, A tear on my cheek”

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