Getting through the tough times.

Spring is Supposed to be fun.

It feels very strange in the world right now. Normally we veiw spring as a time of renewal and energy. Spring is when we get outside and hang with our friends. Fishing, and boating. Spring Foraging. Longer days and Sunshine.

this year is different. It is strange and foreign. Everything is uncertain and noone quite knows what to do. we do not know yet what will happen.

this can be a time for growth. We grow by pushing at the edges of our comfort zone. When we explore discomfort it shows us that sometimes the things that we are scared of can bring us strength.

We can choose to use this time productively. get to know your family more. Explore the feelings that your children and loved ones are having during this crisis. we can also use this time to work on our inner self. Meditation is like push ups for the mind as my friend Kenton says. When you explore meditation it can create a whole new relationship between your awareness, and your subconscious. You can learn to better control your awareness and calm your fears and frustrations.

Here is a very simple example.

Sit, close your eyes breath in for a count of 5 while thinking the word inhale, then hold your breath for a count of 5 while thinking the word hold, then exhale for a count of 5 while thinking the word exhale. Try to focus on your breath and the word of the moment and nothing else. repeat for the predertermined number of revolutions. Boom you just meditated. It’s not mystical or magic it’s just an exercise for your brain. It can also reduce stress and anxiety.

When this thing finally ends, maybe we can use this as a learning experience and try to come together a little. To value the people around us, and try to embrace the moment.

Nature is the medicine we really need right now. I mean, people who become infected need a doctor, but as a whole we need to remember our place in nature. We need to find the time to get outside, to play and to enjoy life. You can work your whole life away for a taste of wealth and power, or you can enjoy your life. when we participate in nature we become more resilient, and more self reliant. Things seem to be less worrisome, and calmer. There are many many benefits to immersing yourself in nature, these are just a few examples.

Be safe, stay healthy, Love each other, and get outside.

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