Don’t feel trapped

Covid 19 is a scary time for all of us, and the fear is based on uncertainty. Noone knows what is going to happen. When a person is waiting, and there is no explanation of how long or even really for what, the natural reaction is fear and anxiety. I don’t think that anyone should feel bad about being afraid right now. With this much uncertainty it is completely expected that there are going to be a whirl or emotions and a lot of pent up energy.

I think that we have a great opportunity here. While we are cooped up at home and waiting for this stupid ass virus to either blow up or blow over we have the opportunity to work on ourselves.

Let’s make a note here. I have heard many people say things like I don’t have time to work on myself, or working on myself just feels too selfish.

None of that is true. Improving yourself, whether it be working on your mental health or your physical health. Making changes to improve your sleep, or taking the time to get out into nature. All of these things Put us into a better position to help the people around us, and to work toward making the world a better place. This has to be the goal after all. If we aren’t improving the world then what are we doing? This is why we do the things that we do.

So, here are a few ideas for how you can use your quarantine time to improve your life.

1. Gratitude.

Feeling gratitude and recognizing that the things that we are grateful for give us strength and help us to recognize how fortunate we are to manage expectations.

Here are 2 ideas of how you can practice gratitude. 1. Spend some time thinking about the people that you are the most grateful for. Who are they? What is it about them that you love, or that improves your life? How can you be the same source of gratitude and inspiration for them? Now, contact those people and tell them how you feel. Email them or call them. Let them know that they have made a difference in your life.

2. Look around your home. Take note of the thing s that you are the most grateful for. What items in your home bring you the most joy? In doing this you may begin to notice that there are a lot of things in your home or living area that don’t bring you joy or gratitude. Get rid of some of these things. Open up your living area, and make room for more movement, or creativity. Allow more room for things that you are grateful for.

Next. In your busy day to day life you probably wish that you had more time to get outside. Maybe you love hiking or canoeing. Maybe you are really in to fishing, or foraging. Now would be a great time for all of that. If the reason you don’t spend more time outside is because you are too busy, now is a great time to make up for that. Don’t coop yourself up, just go outside and avoid other people. Exposure to nature is one of the strongest treatments for anxiety and depression. Adhd is lessened by time in nature, and Mental resiliency is sky rocket as your time in nature increases. Please don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself.

If you are taking this virus very seriously, and you simply do not want to leave your house until the coast is clear, there are still things that you can do to improve your mental, emotional, and physical life.

Meditation: Now is a great time to take up the practice of meditation. First of all. I have said this a million times. Meditation is not some woowoo mystical shit. Meditation is an exercise for your brain. It strengthens your mind in the same way that pull ups, or burpees strengthen your body. Meditation Is difficult to master, but easy to start. Try this. Sit in a comfortable place that is quiet. Thinkl about someone that you love. Think about why you love them, and what atributesd they exhibit. Don’t think about anything else, as you reach the 5 minute mark move your awareness to something that you are grateful for focus on why you feel this gratitude, and how this thing has improved your life. After 5 ish minutes let your awareness to drift to how you can be more for the world. How can you be more you, and how does who you are give you the strength to help someone, or help someplace? This uis a very rudimentary, but simple meditation. It is based on my friend Kentons glow meditation.

Maybe you could do a few movant videos on youtube. Movnat is a movement system based on the natural function of your body, and based on the idea of incorporating movement into your life in more than a passing way. In my family we do not do as much intentional exercise as we could, but we do a lot of moving. Sitting on the floor, deep squats, dancing, and long walks on uneven ground. However you do it, incorporating movement into your life will improve your mobility and you quality of life.

The last suggestion ithat I am going to bring up is to work on your “hard skills” Most in the wilderness skills community will know what I mean by Hard skills, but many of you likely don’t and that is awesome. Hard skills, are things like Friction fire, Hide tanning, making clothes, Building furniture, any skill that requires a specific knowledge or muscle memory that will result in a finished product.

I am working on friction fire right now. I haver been doing friction fire for many years, but I can always get better. So, right now I am doing 1 hand drill fire for each day that I do not work. This equals about 3 per week. I am also hand sewing a canvas anorak. I am about 130 hours into this project. I am not doing it for any specific reason, I just want to.

You could use this opportunity to weave a basket or make a clay pot. You could learn how to sew. make a chair. All of these skill will make you a better more well rounded person. They will make you more self reliant and more confident. When you practice hard skills you are also building: Patience, perseverance, Confidence, mindfulness, and awareness. All of these are ideas that modern people need more of.

What I am really saying is please don’t waste this time. Use this unfortunate experience to make your life better. We love you and we want you to be a happier more well rounded, and nature connected person. Take care, be safe, and until we know what is going to happen here, please stay away……..

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  1. Taking advantage of this time to do spring cleanup and plan a garden. If you just look at the trees in bud or the newly emerged daylilies, you can almost forget about the raging enemy for a moment. Stay safe, stay well.

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