Located in Wisconsin roughly an hour North of the Twin Cities, North Winds Wilderness School is a brand new idea in Wilderness Education. We Offer classes in Primitive living skills, wilderness survival, Foraging, tracking, and more. We offer our classes in bites that are manageable to most people being only a day here or a weekend there rather having to commit to a long term program. You can find what you are looking for at North Winds!

I am Blake Southard: I am the program director and head instructor at North Winds Wilderness School. I was formerly the Program Director at Future Necessities. My vision is to help anyone who wants an increased sense of self reliability, or anyone who wants to get closer to nature achieve their goals. I have spent my life challenging myself and exploring my “edges”I have traveled the country seeking out artists, survivalists, foragers, primitive Hunter gatherers, and anyone else who i could learn from. I spent 4 months living a complete hunter gatherer primitive skills lifestyle, and man do I wish I could do it again. We have now reached a place in our lives where we can hold space for others. We can facilitate the next generation to become nature connected, strong and self reliant.

We are here to help, we are here to grow.


My dad Gregg Southard is the other instructor here at North Winds Wilderness School. Gregg works very hard to help people connect to the land and to their own wildness by immersing them in plant studies. Gregg Specializes in: Foraging for edible plants, and plant medicine, as well as Hide tanning and outdoor cooking. His passion for plants is very visible as well as his dedication to getting people back outside.

gregg snow