Bite Size Bushcraft

Bite Size Bushcraft is a monthly subscription service that will help you progress on your bushcrafting journey through the skilled guidance of our North Winds Wilderness School staff.

Each month you will receive one bushcrafting project laid out as a photo tutorial as well as a video. Both processes will demonstrate each step and skill necessary to complete the project.

Each project will be designed so that anyone should be able to complete the project in an hour or less regardless of skill level. Further, even skilled bushcrafters should be able to take these projects and use their experience to make it into something personal and beautiful.

We will cover knife skills, Saw and axe work, and other techniques that are necessary to complete each project. Not only will you learn a new project, but you might even learn some new skills.

Here is an example of what a project might look like:

Normally you would simply click on the video to watch, but in this case you can click here: