Current Class Schedule

All classes are held in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Campfire Cooking: September 23


Campfire Cooking: September 23

So, you've got your tent set up, your fire is built, and you've been for a breathtaking hike to the river. Now what?Are you going to feed your family canned tuna and freeze dried green beans? or, would you rather roast a farm fresh chicken, and serve it with fresh baked bread? You don't have to carry 100 lbs. of gear to eat like royalty on your next outing. You can even cook mouth watering campfire food at home, to supplement your in home cooking. Gregg is know across the country for his campfire cooking, he has won several campfire cooking competitions, and now we will share his secrets with you. This 3 hour class will encompass several recipes and techniques. We will fire roast a chicken, stick roast some fresh bread. not only will you learn the techniques and tricks of camp fire cooking, but you will get your hands on the ingredients and do some cooking yourself. You will also eat your fill of the delicious food that we prepare. See you there! Sunday September 23 10am-2pm 45.00 (Price includes all, ingredients and utensils) Location: como park fire pits


Shelter Building: September 30


Shelter Building

In a survival situation shelter is one of your first priorities. In bad weather your body heat will deplete quickly, and the correct shelter can be the difference between life and death. Water saps your body heat 25 times faster than cold air, and forcing your body to thermoregulate burns more calories than running. Which is a recipe for disaster. In this class we will discuss shelter building theory, and we will build a couple different tarp shelters as well as 1 easy and effective natural shelter. Come get dirty, and learn a very valuable skill. Sunday September 30 12pm-2pm Carlos Avery wildlife refuge 40.00


Wool Anorak Making: September 27

Wool Anorak Making

Merriam Webster defines Anorak as: a usually pullover hooded jacket long enough to cover the hips. They come from far northern areas; IE. Greenland, northern Canada, etc. They were originally made of reindeer or seal skin. Now they can be found made from wool, canvas, Gortex, and pretty much any other warm water resistant fabric. In this 4 Day work shop we will teach you how to make a wool anorak roughly hip length, with a hood and a kangaroo pocket. I have been wearing the one in this picture since 2015, and it is the warmest and most comfortable coat that I have ever had. We will show you how to make the anorak to fit your body without a pattern. Day 1 will be laying out the coat on your blanket, and cutting out the pieces. Days 2-4 will be sewing the coat together. We will meet on Thursday nights from 6-9. All materials and tools provided. Thursday September 27 6pm-9pm, Thursday October11 6pm-9pm, Thursday October 25 6pm-9pm, and Thursday November 1 6pm-9pm Finish just in time for cold weather. Venue TBD most likely in St. Paul or White Bear Lake 140.00


Introduction to Acorns as food: October 10

Acorns as food

Acorns have been a staple food source for cultures all around the for centuries if no millennia. This nutrient rich and calorie dense food source is mostly ignored in the modern world. We see them on the ground and maybe pick one up to throw at your buddy. I ti s time that we change that. We have a huge food source just sitting at our feet. Why not come and learn what to do with it if you were to pick them up. We will show you how to harvest and what to look for. We will show you how to dry them, and how to Process them into flour, We will show you how to leach out the tannins, and how to sift and dry the flour. This is going to be a fast 3 hours. We will cover a lot of info, and when we are done you should be able to repeat the process on your own. Plus there will be food! October 10 6pm-9pm Location TBD in the twin cities area 40.00


Food Preservation: October 7

Food Preservation

So now you have harvested your wild edible plants, and you have caught some fish or shot a deer, or whatever type of wild food it is that you like. You can’t eat it all in 1 sitting. How do you preserve your harvest. How do you make your food last through the winter? In this workshop we will cover Making jerky, both with modern equipment and without. We will cover hang drying your herbs, Pickling, Canning, Tincturing, infusing, Blanching and freezing. This is going to be a jam packed day full of information and food. We will discuss when to preserve and when to just eat it. we will cover modern and primitive methods. If you hunt or forage for wild food you should not miss this class. Sunday October 7 10am-4pm NWWS Campus Siren, Wi. 65.00


Trailing Workshop with Kersey Lawrence and Lee Gutteridge: Oct. 22-25

Trailing Workshop With Kersey Lawrence and Lee Gutteridge

Tracking and Trailing while being connected are not the same thing. Tracking or track and sign interpretation is the art of finding a track, or set of tracks, or Sign that an animal was present, and using only what you can see to determine the species, age, and sex of the animal. You can also determine what the animal may have been doing, how fast it was moving, if it was relaxed or pressured. Trailing is the art of finding a set of tracks, determining if it is fresh enough to follow, then following those tracks to the animal (preferably without alerting the animal to your presence.) We are lucky enough to host 2 of the best trackers in the world to guide us on our journey to trailing success. The workshop will be hosted at the North Winds Wilderness School Campus in Siren, Wi. We will utilize public lands in the area to spend 6-8 hours a day in the field trailing white tailed deer. We will provide camping, breakfast each day, and dinner each day. Lunch will be eaten in the field and will be the responsibility of each individual. You can expect to be "on the trail" for some of the time, and learning by watching and listening for part of the time. While 1 instructor is guiding 1-2 participants in finding and following a trail, the rest of the group will hang back with the other instructor, learning from what is being done up front. This is our second year hosting Kersey and Lee, and I can tell you that for most of the participants last year, this was one of the highlights of their year. We can only take 8 people so do not miss this opportunity. October 22-25 475.00


Trapping class: October 29

Trapping Class

Trapping is and always has been a very effective and efficient way of getting food. You find a trail, you set your traps, and you go about your day. When you get back you’ve got food. Okay, it’s not quite that easy, but you get the idea. Since many thousands of years ago cultures all over the world have used traps to acquire food and fur. From the 2 spring leg hold trap, or cable snare to the arapuca bird trap or the twitch up spring snare. Whether by modern methods or primitive, trapping seems to be the way to go. In this workshop we will discuss modern and primitive traps. We will handle and discuss a modern cable snare, and conibear trap. We will make a squirrel pole, and a paiute dead fall. we will discuss some animal behavior and where to set your traps. This will be a great introduction to the world of trapping. Monday October 29 6pm-9pm Location TBD in the twin cities 35.00



Make your own Saami Style Coffee Bag: November 8

Make your own Saami Style Coffee Bag

The famous Saami style coffee bag is so widely used for a good reason. It is not only very attractive and easy to make, but it is very versatile. I use them for my fire kit, I use them for coffee, I use them for fishing kits, and several other things as well. In this 3 hour workshop, you will make your own deer hide Saami style Coffee Bag, and you will also bring home a pattern and a list of ingredients to make more on your own. You will learn the basics of leather craft, as well as sewing, and pattern use. Thursday November 8 6:00pm-9:00pm 35.00



Plant Based Medicine Making: November 10

Plant Based Medicine Making: November 10

While modern medicine definitely has a place in our lives, We have a nearly 7,000,000 year history of living happy and healthy lives before modern medicine existed. We did this by having an intimate relationship with the plants that surround and shelter us every day. Knowing which plants can heal and cure us, and how to process them has been an integral part of our collective culture for literally millennia. In this 3 hour work shop we will cover Minnesota based plants for medicinal uses. We will also walk you through the necessary steps to produce a basic healing salve, an immune boosting tincture, and a natural cough syrup. Yo will leave the class with your own home apothecary, as well as the knowledge to make your own in the future. Saturday November 10 Noon-3:00 50.00 (Price includes jars, bottles, herbs, and ingredients for all medicines.) Caron Chiropractic clinic 490 Snelling ave. S. St. Paul, MN.


Can I Rewild?: November 28

Can I Rewild?

Many people do not know what rewilding is. Yet, to so many people it is a very compelling subject. The reason that so many people do not know what it is has a lot to do with the fact that it is very difficult to define. There are many different attempts at definition. Some some "shrugging off the yoke of domestication" Some say " moving forward to a lifeway that is more in line with our evolution." Some even say "Taking our ancestral knowledge and combining that with our modern "civilization" and finding a comfortable combination to bring us back to nature" All of these are very good attempts, but this is far to small of a forum in which to adequately tackle that subject. In this 2 hour discussion we will tackle not only the definition of Rewilding, but a few strategies to include and incorporate Rewilding into your life starting today. In a realistic way. Wednesday November 28 6:00-8:00pm 20.00


Soft Fiber Basketry: December 1

Soft Fiber Basketry

Basketry has been one of the cornerstone skills of human ingenuity since time immemorial. We have needed baskets to carry berries, Roots, Bark, Furs, Tools, Dried foods, etc. Our ancestors all used baskets, no matter where your family is from. This skill is handy, fulfilling, and fun. We love making baskets and vessels, it is in our blood. This workshop is on Soft Fiber Basketry. Using string or rope to make a basket. These baskets atre not rigid, but are very flexible. You can make storage bowls, Cup holders, candle storage, and more. We will spend the majority of the day finishing these awesome baskets. Saturday December 1 10am-4pm 55.00


The Gifts of the Deer: January 12-June 9 2019

The Gifts of the Deer

When we harvest a deer, whether it be by Rifle, Archery, or road kill, most of us know that you can eat the meat, But do we know what to do with the meat? What about the Hide? How about the bones? The hooves? In this 6 month program we will Learn how to process, preserve and package deer meat. We will learn how to use the bones to make tools. We will learn how to work with rawhide. We will make a hoof project. We will process fat into tallow. We will wind up our program with a 3 day brain tanning camp, in which we will process a raw deer hide into finished leather. When we take a life it is our responsibility to honor the animal that sacrificed itself for us. We do this by utilizing the entire animal, and nourishing ourselves and our families. Join us and learn to put full use to all of the gifts of the deer. January 12-June 9 2019 Various locations 600.00




The Sacred Hunt 2019: February 19

The Sacred Hunt 2019

Do you have a deep curiosity about hunting? Have you always wanted to try it, but had no one to teach you? Do you have some experience, but want to explore it more deeply. The sacred Hunt is the answer to these questions. In this intensive 9 month Apprenticeship we will delve into the deepest parts of hunting. The spiritual aspects, as well as the ethics and skills behind it. You will learn how to make your own wooden bow and arrow. You will learn and practice the art of archery. We will cover natural camouflage, stalking, and tracking. We will work together on your journey to set up and live in a primitive camp. and process the animal from whole to finished leather, meat, and bone tools. This program will change your life. You will get to know YOU on a much deeper level, as we explore our place in the food chain we will begin to see how everything in nature is all connected and that we are a part of it. This event will include 1 meeting per month which could be a 3 hour class or a 3 day camp. We will also get together 1 day per month to work on archery or catch up on anything that you might be behind on. We will have month deer behavior worksheets, and Research assignments. The program will culminate in a 3 day hunt in September or October in The north woods of Wisconsin. $2,250.00 Come and Live the adventure. This is your time.


February 25-October 6 2019: A Season of Wild Food

A season of Wild Food

Foraging and including Wild Foods into your life is a year round, labor intensive pursuit. It is also, so well worth it. Eating wild foods is healthier, it connects us to our land, and to our ancestors. It also puts us in control of what we eat. In the age of round up and GMO foods, why not take control. Learn to identify, harvest and process wild foods. We will Study: Wild plant foods, Wild Plant medicines, and Wild Plant utilitarian purposes. We will develop deep meaningful relationships with these plants by interacting with them throughout their entire growing season. Seeing how the plants grow and mature. Watching how they change and seeing what parts have what uses and what point in their growth. We will start with a day on Maple syrup making, and we will finish with Wild rice and Acorns. In between we will have field days and work shop days. We will get together 1-3 days per month from February through October. In the past this program has proven to be a growth experience, as well as a lot of fun. We will only take 6 people, Sign up today. February 25 2019-October10 2019 Various locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin 475.00


September 23-29 2019: Primitive Skills Boundary Waters Trip

September 23-29 2019 Primitive Skills Boundary Waters Trip

This is going to be amazing. We will travel by canoe into the BWCA via Tofte and the Sawbill Trail. We will be travelling roughly 20 MIles into the BWCA. and establishing a kitchen and and base camp. From there we will spend the next week Practicing primitive living skills that will maintain us on our trip. We will work on: Friction Fire, Tracking, Primitive Fishing, Shelter Building, Basket Making, Foraging, Meditation, and awareness exercises, and other skills as they come up. This will be a once in a lifetime experience. Do Not Miss Out!!! September 23-29 2019 BWCA $1,100.00


October 18-20 2019: Survival Immersion Weekend

October 18-20 2019 Survival Immersion Weekend

By Popular demand. This will be pretty intense weekend. I would certainly not call this a beginners class. We will have no Curriculum, and no back up. We will head into the wilderness as a group, and we will survive on what we find. We will build shelters, find water, search for food, search for food, and do it all with no base camp, and no back ups. This will be as true to life of a survival situation as you can get without actually being lost or injured. Do you want to test yourself? Would you like to see what you can do? This is your chance. October 18-20 2019 Chengwatana State Forest 410.00


Private mentoring available, Contact us for details