01-23-2020 Bone tool making


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Humans have been making tools ever since there have been humans. Now we use steel, and  other man made materials. Up until only a couple thousand years ago, our tools were made only from natural materials. Hard stones could be flint knapped. Soft stones could be ground. many tools were fashioned from wood, or antler. In many places around the world, Bone was a very common material for tool construction. Bone is easy to work and manipulate, but is strong enough to make resilient tools. 

In this workshop, we will spend our time making a bone arrowhead or awl. We will also discuss the history and use of bone tools. Here in the upper Midwest, and around the world. 

No tools or experience necessary. 

Saturday January 23 1:00-4:00 pm

Siren Senior Community Center. 

23943 WI-35, Siren, WI, 54872


limit: 8 people.


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