04-26-2020 Knife, Saw, and Axe


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In the bush (or field, or woods, or whatever you call it.) The most important tool that you can possess is your mind. Your knowledge and experience will guide your time. After that the most important tool is your your knife, and other cutting tools. 

In this 4 hour workshop we will cover: Knife sharpening, Axe Sharpening, Tool maintenance, and safe effective methods fro using your Knife, your Saw, and your Axe. We will Carve a set of notches, and points using your knife. We will, Fell, buck, and split with the Axe, and we will cover the proper use of a bow saw, and a folding camp saw. 

This may be the most important outdoor class you ever take. 

April 26 2020

3:00-7:00 pm

Grantsburg Wisconsin (1 hour north of St. Paul)

North Winds Campus



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