06-07-2020 Fire Making


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Making Fire is one of humanities oldest and most fundamental skills. The ability to make fire is one that all people have had for about a million years, until now. For some reason in the modern era a lot of people never take the time to learn it. Making fires can be super simple, from crumpling up some newspaper and Adding a handful of dried twigs, on up to hand drill or bow drill. 

In this comprehensive introductory program we will cover fire lays, fire making material, Ignition sources, and fire maintenance. We will make fires with matches, ferrocerium rods, flint and steel, magnifying glasses, and we will demonstrate hand drill (Friction fire is its’ whole own class)

Come out and learn the art of fire making, and join our ancestors in keeping yourself warm and cooking your own food.

06-07-2020 3pm-7pm

Straight Lake State Park, Luck, WI.



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