06/20-06/21 Bow Making Workshop


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The earliest humans were scavengers. They ate dead animals, Bugs, and small lizards. Then we acquired the thrusting spear, and we could corner large game and spear them, but it was very dangerous. Eventually we developed the throwing spear, this allowed us to take large game from a safer distance, but it took large groups of people. Eventually we developed the atl atl. This seemed like a miracle, and for some groups was the pinnacle of performance. Some aboriginal groups in Australia still use it today. This allowed us to take very large game from quite a distance, but the amount of movement that is required to use it, still held huge disadvantages. Then Sometime around 1,000,000 years ago, the bow and arrow was developed. It seems like it started in east Africa, but it is very hard to prove, as wood does not do well under ground for long periods of time. This new weapon opened a whole new world of possibilities. We could hunt alone, and from great distances. A single hunter could kill an elk, or a buffalo without much fear of injury. This technological advancement remains one of the greatest of all time. Still today the bow and arrow is a miracle of engineering. In this 3 day workshop we will work through wood selection, roughing out a stave or blank, and finishing a functional self bow. By the end of this weekend you will have a fully functional bow and arrows that you have made by had, from scratch. You will also have the confidence to repeat the process on your own.
Saturday-Sunday June 20-21
9am-5pm each day.
375.00 Siren, WI.
Free Camping available




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