07-18-2020 Flint Knapping for beginners


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We would like to extend a warm welcome to guest instructor Sam Royce from Wildwood North. He is a talented knapper, a good teacher, and a really awesome guy. This will be NWWS first Flint Knapping class

Flint knapping is the art of making stone tools. Millions of year ago early hominids discovered that if they broke a stone it would create a sharp edge that could be used for cutting. Over the millennia the technology evolved into a fine art. 

There are hundreds of flint knapping traditions across the world. I think that nearly every culture utilized this method in some way. 

Using antlers and stones, you will learn to manipulate a stone into a usable knife blade or an arrowhead. We will discuss history and method, and we will turn big rocks into little rocks. 

We will be outdoors so please dress appropriately. You should also bring water. Safety glasses are a must.

Saturday July 18 


Bayport Wildlife management area Stillwater, MN.


There will be some tools and stone for sale if you’d like to take any home to work on. Space is very limited!


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