07-19-2020 Cattail Basket Making


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Once again we would like to welcome our special guest instructor Sam Royce from Wildwood North. 

Basket Making is one of the foundational skills of human history. Making baskets helped carry their belongings from place to place. Baskets made foraging much easier as the people would have a place to put their berries or greens. 

Even today we use baskets. We use them laundry, for groceries, for produce. In our house we use them for blankets, tools, tree bark, My laptop…….. We use them alot.

Further, living in the upper midwest we are literally surrounded by cattails. Just at my house there are probably several hundred thousand. With such a bountiful population, why not make things out of them. We can make bags, and baskets. We can make dolls, and toys, Duck decoys, and even rafts.

Join us for an afternoon of turning a pile of dried cattails into a beautand iful basket. We call them berry baskets as used in foraging, but your basket is yours. You can use it for whatever you’d like. 

We will discuss basket design, Material prep, and basket weaving process. We will help you build your base, and then turn that base into a basket. 

Sunday July 19 


Carlos Avery Wildlife management area. 


We will be outside so please dress appropriately. Bring water, and bug spray if you like.

Space is very limited


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