07-26-2020 Introduction to wilderness survival


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An Emergency can happen at any time. Driving home from work, and your car slides off the road. Out hiking and You lose your way. Your canoe tips ruining your phone, etc.. Knowing what to do can not only mean the difference between life and death, but it can also mean the difference between a miserable night and a comfortable one. The skills of basic wilderness survival are transferable to many situations, but when you put them all together they start to build a skill set which infers confidence, and self reliability. In this class we will cover the 4 needs of Survival: Shelter, Fire, Water, and Food. We will cover the assessment phase, as well as your survival kit. We will build a seasonally appropriate shelter, We will build some fires, we will acquire potable water, we will cover some basic trapping, and look into foraging. The average survival situation lasts 72 hours or less. Can you make it?

Sunday July 26 10am-3pm

75.00 Location:

Carlos Avery national wildlife refuge.



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