07-26-2020 Plant Based Medicine Making


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While modern medicine definitely has a place in our lives, We have a nearly 1,000,000 year history of living happy and healthy lives before modern medicine existed. We did this by having an intimate relationship with the plants that surround and shelter us every day. Knowing which plants can heal and cure us, and how to process them has been an integral part of our collective culture for literally millennia. In this 3 hour work shop we will cover Minnesota based plants for medicinal uses. We will also walk you through the necessary steps to produce a basic healing salve, an immune boosting tincture, and a natural cough syrup. You will leave the class with your own home apothecary, as well as the knowledge to make your own in the future.
Sunday July 26 5:00-8:00
50.00 (Price includes jars, bottles, herbs, and ingredients for all medicines.)
Location: Hollistic Gateway In North East Minneapolis


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