10-11-2020 Acorns as food


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Acorns have been a staple food source for cultures all around the world for centuries if not millennia. This nutrient rich and calorie dense food source is mostly ignored in the modern world. We see them on the ground and maybe pick one up to throw at your buddy.
maybe it is time that we change that. We have a huge food source just sitting at our feet. Why not come and learn what to do with them if you were to pick them up. We will show you how to harvest and what to look for. We will show you how to dry them, and how to Process them into flour, We will show you how to leach out the tannins, and how to sift and dry the flour. This is going to be a fast 3 hours. We will cover a lot of info, and when we are done you should be able to repeat the process on your own.
Plus there will be food!
October 5:00- 8:00-noon
Location: Holistic Gateway Minneapolis

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