10-25-2020 Wild Teas


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Nature can provide so much for us. Our food comes from nature, our homes and clothing come from nature. Our medicine can even come from nature. All that we need to do is look a little bit closer and these things will begin to jump out at us. 

There is not native coffee to north America. The only North American plant that contains caffeine grows exclusively in the far south east. (Yaupon) However, In the Midwest, and in the east as well as everywhere else we have a plethora of wild plants that make delicious and healthful teas. Teas that can warm your spirit. Teas that can cure illness or alleviate pain. Teas that can nourish your body. 

In this class we will discuss and taste several wild teas and tea blends. We will discuss finding and identifying the plants involved, and we will discuss turning these plants into teas. 

Bring a notebook, and your taste buds, this is going to be fun. 

10-25-2020 1:pm-3:00pm

Siren Senior Community center 23943 WI-35 Siren, WI. 54872


Class space is limited 


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