November 10-13 Trailing workshop Featuring Kersey Lawrence, and Lee Gutteridge


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Track and sign interpretation and Trailing while being connected are not the same thing. Track and sign interpretation is the art of finding a track, or set of tracks, or Sign that an animal was present, and using only what you can see to determine the species, age, and sex of the animal. You can also determine what the animal may have been doing, how fast it was moving, if it was relaxed or pressured.
Trailing is the art of finding a set of tracks, determining if it is fresh enough to follow, then following those tracks to the animal (preferably without alerting the animal to your presence.)
When you combine track and sign interpretation and trailing, you are tracking.
We are lucky enough to host 2 of the best trackers in the world to guide us on our journey to trailing success.
The workshop will be hosted at the North Winds Wilderness School Campus in Siren, Wi. We will utilize public lands in the area to spend 6-8 hours a day in the field trailing white tailed deer. We will provide camping, breakfast each day, and dinner each day. Lunch will be eaten in the field and will be the responsibility of each individual. You can expect to be “on the trail” for some of the time, and learning by watching and listening for part of the time. While 1 instructor is guiding 1-2 participants in finding and following a trail, the rest of the group will hang back with the other instructor, learning from what is being done up front.
This is our fourth year hosting Kersey and Lee, and I can tell you that for many of the participants in past years, this was one of the highlights of their year. We can only take 8 people so do not miss this opportunity.
NOV.10-13 2020


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