NWWS African Experience

North Winds Wilderness School is excited to offer you the wildlife adventure of a lifetime as we take a group of students on a professionally guided excursion to the untamed wilderness of South Africa. Along with experienced senior trackers, we’ll guide you through rugged African terrain, on foot and in open safari vehicles, to explore wonderful wildlife areas and experience incredible culture and ancient civilizations.

We will depart as a group from MSP Airport on March 10 2020 and spend the next two weeks together taking in all of the majesties that this unique place has to offer. We’ll experience accommodations ranging from rustic and simple to luxurious and dine on a variety of cuisine as we experience breathtaking encounters with birds and other animals, sunsets and night skies for which photographs will scarcely do justice. 

For those who are interested in animal tracking, this trip will provide hard-to-find experiences to track some of the worlds largest and most dangerous land mammals in their natural environment.

On this trip, we will also interact with the indigenous populations and will participate in a service project to give back to these communities.  

You’ll leave this trip with your heart as full as your camera’s memory cards, and we’ll arrive together back at MSP Airport on March 30 2020.

North Winds Wilderness School has worked closely with our South African partners to curate a unique itinerary just for our students. This is going to be a powerful and diverse experience and we are pleased to be able to offer this unparalleled opportunity to you for $4,500.00. Will you be joining us?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

A $1,000.00 Deposit Holds your spot.

Listen to what Kersey and Lee have to say about tracking.